The European Union Chamber of Commerce in Canada (EUCCAN)

The European Union Chamber of Commerce in Canada (EUCCAN) is the umbrella organization of 24 European Union bilateral Chambers of Commerce and Business Associations and 3 associate members from other European countries, amounting to a membership of 27 organizations.

Facts and Figures:

  • Founded: The Chamber was founded in 1995 in Toronto, ON, as European Union Chamber of Commerce in Toronto (Eucocit) to strengthen the economic ties between Canada and Europe. It is acting as a Canada wide organization under the name EUCCAN since 2013.

  • Head Office: The head office is located in downtown Toronto, Ontario.

  • Funding: EUCCAN’s financing is generated by membership fees and event revenues, as well as from private and public sector sponsoring. 

  • Legal Structure: The Chamber is a non-profit organization, established under Ontario law.
    Its board of directors is comprised of representatives of bilateral chambers and business
    associations from 24 European countries. 

  • Membership: 24 bilateral chambers and business associations from European Union countries plus three associate members.

EUCCAN’s most significant functions are:

  • to act as the business voice of and the one point of contact for European business interests in Canada

    EUCCAN is a strong and reliable partner for Canadian institutions as well as private businesses to promote Europe in Canada and to foster economic ties between Canada and Europe. EUCCAN enjoys the cooperation with the leading Canadian and European trade and business organizations. It also maintains close links to the commercial sections of the European embassies or the Trade Commissions, and the European Union Delegation to Canada, as well as the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade, and officials on provincial levels. To a limited extent Eucocit undertakes lobbying activities.

  • to organize Europe related events 

    In order to promote Europe in Canada and foster economic ties between the two countries EUCCAN organizes Europe related business seminars and networking events. The events help EUCCAN to build and extend its network and contact base, and offer great networking opportunities for the attending guests. 

  • to promote its member organizations 

    The organization is membership driven and its focus is to serve its member’s interests. To do so EUCCAN offers its members an enhanced visibility through the presence on EUCCAN’s website and the promotion of their events. Furthermore, it facilitates access and introduction to politicians and governmental institutions, as well as other partners and members.